With traditional news companies struggling to make necessary structural changes, conditions are ripe for innovation. New media outlets are forming to meet demands created by shifting habits of news consumption. And technology is an enabler of these innovations, providing the means for solutions in a struggling economy.

Yes, change is slow. The architecture of the Greek news ecosystem remains. TV is still king for Greeks aged 50 and above in terms of news consumption. Many prefer the worldview offered by traditional newspapers.

But many younger Greeks are engaging in new patterns of information consumption, most of which revolve around digital content. A few noteworthy ways Greek journalists are meeting these demands:
Blogs for Serious News Consumption …


Greek Nazis in USA

[A letter from General Hospital Kilkis ]Co-national flag for use on sea and abroad. Fr...[/caption]

The hospital as a militant resistance center (against the capitalist barbarism)by Leta Zotaki (translated by Anna Kokkinidou)The occupation of a hospital constitutes a political act that does not take place so often or at least did not use to take place so often, up to the present. That is the reason why the occupation of the Kilkis General Hospital received such a great publicity. Nevertheless the rarity of such a phenomenon is probably a paradox as a hospital is a privileged place of occupation and resistance.As our comrade, composer Spyros Raftopoulos states “The premises of a hospital constitute a fertile room of resistance. That is because the attempts to subdue the effort fail when they face the impassable of the treatment areas due to the lack of a medical license that would permit them to enter. Those attempts tumble against the jurisdiction and the discretion of the medical personnel as well as against the fundamental guarantees for the unimpeded exercise of the medical duties. Likewise such efforts are weakened in the face of matters that deal with human and personal rights, the Medical Code of Ethics etc.” The subversive content of this attitude has worked as a key-factor in our resolution to resist against the devaluation of the Kilkis General Hospital and of the National Health System in general, in a more dynamic way than the one used in the stereotypical forms of resistance (strikes, stoppage, marches, demonstrations etc). The occupation demonstrated that the hospital may well remain absolutely functional when administrated by its own personnel, may perfectly correspond to the treatment needs of the patients by providing to all citizens, invariably, sound and free medical advice and services. In the same manner the hospital has proved that it may equally serve as a model of resistance by activating the collectivity of the community and by sensitizing the overall society over an invaluable social good which calls for protection, the free public health.

Τhe correspondence of the world within Greece and beyond has been tremendous. We received many support messages from other hospitals, from colleagues, universities, fraternities, the Greek Diaspora, from other EU citizens, the USA, Latin America, Asia, Australia, namely from all over the world. The world wanted us to go on and there were many who insisted that we went on in every way. They told us not to surrender, they offered their solidarity, their love and support and they also wanted to offer material help but we politely said no. We only asked them to consider if they could do the same. Many among them have asked and still ask us to refer to our experience in detail, seek advice and invite us to talk to their assemblies, while some hospitals abroad consider proposing a process of twinning.

Thus, even if we had not managed anything more, the least we did is to arouse interest in the face of practical resistance potentials when dealing with the disastrous storm of capitalism and neoliberalism, proving that resistance may be carried out in numerous ways and in several places, at work, at public and private spaces, while the only thing needed is solidarity, imagination and faith to the subversion potential against an inhumane system.

The problems of our National Health System have not been resolved, neither did the barbaric invasion halt. Nevertheless we now confirm that we are the strong ones, that we have a thousand different ways of resistance at our disposal, that we will find more. Τhe resistance is enhanced day by day. Resistance in our neighborhood, in our surroundings, at the factory, at school, at the university, at the hospital, at the squares, in all public spaces gets to be gigantic. We are to give great battles in the domain of informing each other beyond the official propaganda channels. We will certainly organize a society of liberty, equality and justice regardless of what all thοse parrots of conservatism command!

It is necessary to overcome the guilt and fear of all the people who have lost their spirits after the antisocial aggressions received during the last two years, when they felt like standing on moving sand, without any professional and financial stability and with their vocational and human rights abolished on a daily basis.

We need to persuade the members of this society to seize being the legitimate subjects at the reign of human exploitation, we need to invite them to stand against the power, to leave their couch or armchair, turn off their TV and get informed from alternative media sources. We need to urge them to consider the matters, to discuss with other people, to undertake the responsibility of every little choice they make, to follow and intensify their struggle at the workplace, at the squares, without protectors, without political party support, without ideological blindfolds.

We have tried and still try to contribute with our decisions and actions, at and beyond the hospital, to activate not only our own field but also the wider community, to reinforce the social will for collective action, through our solidarity and confidence. Along with our partners and comrades of all the Greek hospitals and comrades from citizen movements, building occupations, neighborhood assemblies and first-degree syndicates, along with the unemployed and unpaid workers of the private and public sectors, along with the poorly paid employees and pensioners, along with immigrants and every oppressed person we are to rediscover the real meaning of the words “togetherness” and “solidarity”, those words which have been lost for so many years through the dangerous idleness of an ephemeral wealth, through the capitalist fog and the hallucinations of the American dream.

There is no other way to equality and freedom than the road of democracy. Let’s halt the invasion of the political parties and their domination by demonstrating their bankruptcy and the dangerous character of their mediation. No one is really free when others decide on his or her behalf. Let us condemn the parody of the existent parliamentary systems and let’s stop providing its legitimization. Elections cannot save the people, as they have never done in their history. They have never saved it, simply because they support hierarchy. Real citizens should decide for everything on their own. We need self-administration in every case, we need self-government. We need a new democratic regime and a new Constitution, we actually need new democratic constitutions everywhere, we need international cooperation among the peoples and not among the authoritarian governments.

At the Kilkis Hospital, we, the doctors, have resolved to proceed for yet another time, forward in order to expose the governmental cruelty to the eyes of the people. Shortly our co-citizens will discover that our hospital, which the government set out to “reform”, will function only 15 days a month instead of 30. This is due to the fact that the hospital cannot function for the rest of the month because of their resolutions and their budgeting policy, and a person unfortunate enough to get sick or injured during the second fortnight of the month, will have to run to another hospital, at a distance of many kilometers, thus endangering his/her health or even life. This is the reformation they dream about.

We march to the battlefield but we cannot win this war alone. Citizens should be sensitized if they wish to maintain their hospital and free public health. They should stand by our side, as we stand by theirs, we all have to react in common, we should take our lives in our hands and make it better than before. We promise to keep on fighting. The last unanimous resolution of our union (ENIK) signifies neither the beginning nor the end of our efforts. We will always be in the frontline battle along with the most progressive parts of our society, our comrades in the battle who become more and more every day.

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Hello all, from Greece, by Leta Zotaki, president of ENIK Kilkis

ENIK Ένωση Νοσοκομειακών Ιατρών Κιλκίς
Feb. 27
18:24 (vor 58 Minuten)
Dear Sandra,Thank you so much for your warm interest.
Yes we visited the page you sent us and your idea is great, indeed. It would help a lot I am sure.There are a few problems though. The first is the language barrier. It would be nice if we could communicate our experiences from the occupation and the news regarding the Odyssey of the Greek National Health System to the wider community, but, you see, not many of us speak Englishor other languages well enough. So we couldn’t practically support the blog with everyday information and texts.Therefore my suggestion is that this blog you were kind enough to make for us should be a supportive site under your own moderation. If you agree it could work as described below.We  will soon have a facebook profile as many Greek and international friends have suggested to us. A friend of mine, a very capable user of the Greek language, has been already working on it. We will try to feed this profile with information mainly in Greek and he will be checking for typos, grammar, syntax etc. This information could then be re-published and translated from friendly and supportive blocks, like the one you just made. Actually there will be a continuous exchange of information between friendly blogs and sites in Greece and abroad, regarding the Occupation of the Kilkis Hospital, regarding the adventures of the Greek National Health System and regarding Occupied-by-the-bankers-Greece.Information and news of little or medium importance will be published on our facebook wall by us and from there it will be of course available to all our friends. But when we will have some important information, text or ideas to share, we will not only put them on our facebook wall but we will forward it directly to our friendly and supportive sites at the same time.
Also our friends worldwide can at any time get information from our facebook wall and re-publish it or distribute it, with their own comments and texts.
Having more than one site/blog as information sources, is I think a good approach, as the enemy will never be able to shut us all or down at the same time (as they tried to do in Libya and Egypt). Also it will prove that this is not a struggle regarding a few people -as they argue- but the whole health-care community and society.What would be of utmost importance is to have our texts and information translated in as many languages as possible. If, as you say, you could find some friends that could accurately enough translate the info to other languages it would mean a lot to us! In such a case could be a very important contributing factor in our fight!

In addition I must correct you that we are not “Kilkis Clinc”. We are General Hospital of Kilkis and our formal name is “Occupation of the General Hospital of Kilkis”.
When our facebook wall is ready I will let you know of course.We would welcome any thoughts of yours.
We greatly appreciate your support and help.All the best
Leta and comrades from Kilkis

sandra errami
19:53 (vor 0 Minuten)

Dear Leta,
Dear brothers and Sisters in Kilkis, I received your proposal and agree fully, we are working on it. Further more I suggest you to work via DIASPORA as well as Facebook -since it is a safe way  regarding transmission of news. You find me as well in Facebook:
as in Diaspora
Sign in free of costs

I usually write text and store it somewhere else- then spread it with Facebook-but storing there or  giving private information is not advisable.
Diaspora works in a different way and cant sell Data… so… see for Yourselves.

The next week will go with getting in touch with blogging community, lookin g fo r translators , and checking my account for your F.B.Account.
If the upcoming week  you want send me a picture to introcuce some on the blog-or pu tinto your account  I would be too happy !

Be reassured that people are waking up here and dont listen do press and politicians, no way to separate the people by lying.

As always with RESPECT and a deep longin for modest living  conditions for anybody,

ENIK Ένωση Νοσοκομειακών Ιατρών Κιλκίς
14:58 (vor 5 Stunden)

Hello all,
Thank you so much for your interest and support.
The occupation of our hospital in Kilkis by its workers started on Monday, February 20th, 8:30 local time.
This occupation is not only about us, the physicians and the workers at the Kilkis Hospital. Neither is it only about the Greek National Health System, which is collapsing, indeed. We are in this fight because what is in real danger now is the human rights and our lives. And this threat is not against just a nation, or against a few countries, or a few social groups, but against the low and middle classes in Europe, America, Asia, Africa, in the whole world.
Today’s Greece, is tomorrow’s picture of Portugal, Spain, Italy and the rest of the countries worldwide.
The workers at the Kilkis Hospital and at most of the hospitals and health centers in Greece are not paid on time and some of them see their salaries being cut down to practically zero. A fellow-worker of mine was transferred to our cardiological clinic almost in shock, when he realized that instead of receiving the usual check of 800 euros (yes, that is his monthly salary) from the state, he received a note saying that not only he will be paid nothing for this month, but he is also has the obligation to return 170 euros! Other workers were paid only 9 (nine) or 4 euros and even less for this month! Those of us who still receive some kind of a salary will support them in any way we can.
This is a war against the people, against the whole community. Those who say that the public debt of Greece is the debt of the Greek people are lying. It is not the people’s debt. It was created by the governments in collaboration with the bankers in order to enslave people.
The loans to Greece are not used for salaries, pensions and public care. It is exactly the opposite: salaries, pensions and care are used to pay the bankers. They are lying. Contrary to what they declare, they do not want a debt-free society.
They create the debts themselves (with the help of corrupt governments and politicians) for their own benefit. They gave Greece a banker as prime minister to ensure that the “job” will be done properly. Our Prime Minister Loukas Papadimos was not elected at all. He was appointed by the ECB and the bankers with the help of European and Greek corrupt politicians. This is their interpretation of the term “democracy”!
The debts are created by bankers who create money out of thin air and collect interest, just because our governments gave them the right to do so. And they keep saying that for those debts it is you and me and our children and grandchildren that will have to pay with our personal and national assets, with our lives. We do not owe them anything. On the contrary, they owe the people a great part of the fortunes they made thanks to the political corruption.
If we do not open our eyes to this truth, we will soon all become slaves, working for 200 or less a month. That is those of us who will be able to find a job!
No medical care, no pensions, homeless and starving, as now is the case with my fellow citizens in Greece. Thousands of them live outdoors and starve.
We have no intention to paint the reality with dark colors, but this is the truth. This situation is not due to a financial or monetary accident or mistake. It is the start of the ugly phase of a long process following a carefully designed plan, a process that has started decades ago!
We have to fight together against this neoliberal plan. And this is what we, in Kilkis and in so many cities around the world, do now.
For the time being, we are not considering the opening of a donations account. We might, however need to do this in a few months or even weeks, if the situation might be worse. What we currently need most of all is moral support and publicity. Local struggles all around the world have to spread and gain massive support if we are to win the war against the corrupt system. If you can think of any additional ways to spread our news and ideas, it would be great!
Again, we can’t thank you enough for your kind thoughts and words.This solidarity of yours has a great meaning to us.
You can contact us at the following mail address:
Leta Zotaki,
Director of the radiological department, of Kilkis Hospital
Member of the workers general assembly,
President of E.N.I.K. (Union of the Doctors of Greek National Health Care System in Kilkis)
Dear Dr Zotaki,
If ever we support you by sendign information around- waht do you think about a kind of Blog?
If you are interested I can manage the text in a Diary-like form of blog in English,can u agree with that? If you want I start with this letter.I won´t send it out befor I have your  O.k.
I hope things turn out for you and reassure you of our solidarity ,
with great RESPECT
Sandra Errami (Germany,Bonn)

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